A few things to rant about today

1. I just want the SOUP: So we have this mutual agreement to share everything each of us in the apartment buys for the kitchen, and if u have something you bought that is yours and don’t want to share then you write your name on it or let us know its yours. I got sick and its worse today and I can’t eat much since my throat hurts, I wanted to have lunch and all i wanted was some chicken noodle soup, there was some in the kitchen that i was about to use, (it didn’t have anyones name on it and no one told me that it was claimed specifically) and my  friend pipes up and says “i think ____ claimed that, she did buy it for herself” .and i think..well she didnt tell me… but instead i just ask, “well does she need it? she isnt sick anymore.” and my friend says “well she is puking right now…” and i say “oh.. okk… ” i guess I’ll have to walk my sick self all the way to the convenient store and get my own soup…. but my passive agressive ass is not happy but wont argue that 1. she didnt tell me she claimed it, so if i ate it she can’t get mad 2, her name is not on it, and 3. she is puking because she drank a lot last night and thats her own damn fault. So who deserves the soup more? I got sick because of her I am pretty sure (tho just because its not the same virus they dont believe me), so i think it would have been logically and morally fine if i took and ate that soup. if she gets mad whats her arguement? …. anyway i still walked and got my own soup because i aint about to start drama…. but i really needed to rant… I have other things to rant about too…

2. Three mini rants about my friend: So this friend, who is the same friend in the last rant, is quite the challenge to be civil with… I always have to watch what i say or she will get mad at me and prove me wrong or make me feel bad for ever bringing any of my issues or concerns with her. There are so many things i want to talk to her about that bother me that she does but I am terrified. Especailly since if it gets awk i cant walk away because she is my roommate and we are supposed to be friends… i can go on about all the things i am holding in, but i am going to pick n choose what to rant about right now.  

  • 1. She was disappointed that i was not there last night to hang out with her and drink and play cards…. well she did not discuss with me that she wanted to do this so i didnt know. I had planned on going out to see another friend at a bonfire i go to everyweekend. I am not amind reader, sorry for not being here to hang. Didn’t know. PLus, She came home late from work and i left earler so its not like i could have invited her either… tho she wants to come next time… but
  • 2. if i did invite her her first question would be/was: “are their any cute country boys there?” and my first instinct is to tell her that i dont want her to come if she is just going to flirt with all my guy friends and make it awkward for me. The guy whos bonfire it is was one of the many guys i have introduced her to (as a frined) and she flirts  hard, its embarassing for me and my guy friend. Now she wants me to invite her to HIS bonfire… Why cant we just hang out and not have it alwaysbe about flirting with guys. She doesnt know how to just be nice toa guy and be a friend… All they think is that maybe they can get some ass but she doesn’t want sex she wants a relationship and she will not let down any opportunity to talk to a guy… but i dont like that she does that to EVERYONE… plus..
  • 3. it’s unfair that she gets all awkward when my boyfriend comes over once a month if i am lucky and she makes it awk and then blames us for making it awkward. like no hun, you are distancing yourself, you are doing that to yourself and makeing it awk for US. if u want to talk to us and hang out with me then u have to be ok with hanging out with kyle too, you can include urself, we don’t bite. it’s not like because he is here that means i am off limits to talk to or hang with. You can still talk to me or hang with me, he just might tag along. That’s not bad. Put urself in my position. how would u feel if your best friend always says “oh, your boyfriends coming with us? err, idk if i will go then, i dont wanna be a third wheel”… that hurts, it hurts my feelings.  Making me feel like  a bad friend and makeing my baby feel unwelcomed is rude to him and me. Like she is uncomfortable with there being a guy she can’t flirt with and that isnt hers.. she is jealous of my happiness. Can’t she just get over it and treat him like a friend too?She should be happy for me, i finally get to see kyle! If she is going to be a bride maid at my wedding how does she expect to do that if she doesnt ike my boyfriend?…  learn to like him. I never get to see him and when he does come he feels unwanted and unwelcome since she feels obligated to say to me she feels uncomfortbale with him being in the room all the time. Which i get, but its just for like 4 days… deal with it… dont be RUDE…. So it’s not ok to be talking to my boo thang in front of you because, oh dear god, my attention is not on you for once? But it’s ok for you to flirt with MY guy friends in front of me and make it awk for me when it’s just us all hanging out and nothing more? Like, calm down, you are a guest, these are my friends, not your targets. Dont harass them. They dont want you like you want them. And don’t be a hypocrite.  UGHH…. 

Sorry for any bad grammar and mispellings, i just dont care. I needed to vent. if yall have any advice let me know.